Corporal of Scouts

corporal of scouts

Irregulars in the KEEP

At the Tavern (15), may sometimes be found the Corporal of Scouts. He reports to the Sergeant of the Guard (18). The scouts are an irregular formation whose members often change as they are employed for term contracts. While serving, members of the scouts are in theory subject to the same discipline as the regular soldiers of the Keep.

Corporal of Scouts
Corporal of Scouts

The Corporal of Scouts is a tough man but dislikes the discipline of the army. He is at his best when left to independent action. The scouts are all men skilled in wood-craft and hired not for their hygiene and manners but for their skills in tracking and observing the Keeps enemies unseen and then returning to report their findings. The scouts are seldom admitted into the presence of the Castellan for they are ill mannered rowdy men at best. Such coins as they earn are spent here at the Tavern.

The Corporal of Scouts is known to recruit from the men he finds at the Tavern (15) and mercenaries will sometimes take a contract with him for short periods. The Corporal of Scouts is always on the lookout for new talent as the scouts sometimes do not always return from their scouting missions. The Scouts have their own unspoken code of loyalty to each other and will go to the rescue of their fellows as no one else here will. They are not afraid to mix it up with the regular soldiers of the Keep in the odd bout of fisticuffs over women, boasting, and gambling.

Recruiting at the Tavern
Recruiting at the Tavern

Missions into the wilderness are the stuff of which the Scouts live for and they sometimes come back with trophies to sell or barter. The Tavern is their unofficial headquarters because they are not allotted a billet in the Keep.

Sometimes the Corporal of Scouts will lead 3-6 men into the wilderness. At other times he dispatches them to work alone. If Players are recruited into the Scouts they will compose a unit of 6 with mercenaries making up any shortfall in numbers. Contracts offered are 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. The Scouts pay is double that of the regular soldiers at the Keep but they supplement their income with whatever they can find in the wilderness to barter and trade.

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  1. Perfect setup – the KEEP now has an irregular unit! I also like that the corporal fits into the hierarchy, but is (in reality) outside it. I sense a roster of scouting missions for PCs coming up…

  2. Ah, just following your lead as suggested in the Garrison of the Keep article. I think a few missions are in order for a following article 🙂 I’m thinking of an order to Scout along the Bordermen’s Road as far east as the second river and then north to the foothills.

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