Submission Guidelines is an online repository of Original Dungeons & Dragons® content: rule variants, new monsters, new spells, options for player characters, and even new campaign settings. To make this resource as good as it can be, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines when submitting your own material.

Author Registration

Before you can submit content, you must register as an author. Registration is free and easy—just follow these instructions:

  1. Start with the Terms of Use; if you find them agreeable, continue with your registration.
  2. Click on the Register link on the left side of any page.
  3. Provide a Username; for clarity, we suggest your actual name or “handle” in so-called CamelCase, in which each separate word is capitalised but connected into a single string (e.g., ErinSmale).
  4. Provide your Email address; this is where you will receive your login verification. Please note that your email address is kept private and not distributed under any circumstance.
  5. In a few minutes, check your email in-box for a login verification; follow the instructions it provides and you’re ready to go.

Formatting Guidelines

Submitting an article is very simple, though we ask that you adhere to some stylistic conventions to keep content consistent across the site.

  • Put the <!–more–> tag immediately behind your article teaser to ensure that it displays properly.
  • Use the <h2> tag to create sections within a single article.
  • Follow the formats used in the Rules Cyclopedia whenever possible for consistency. When in doubt, try to find a similar article and emulate its format (for example, if you’re contributing a monster, use the same format as one of the site’s existing monster entries).
  • If you need to include an image in your article, it’s easiest to post it to a URL you have access to and link to it in your article. If posting to another site isn’t possible, contact the admin for assistance.

Additional Notes

  • You retain the copyright to any article you submit. Anything you contribute will be “signed” with your Username, so we encourage you to select a Username that clearly identifies you.
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