Project on the Borderlands

Expanding the Classic D&D module

Do you remember the Keep on the Borderlands? Module B2, shipped with the Moldvay Basic D&D boxed set?

I have a soft spot for B2–it was the first module I adventured in, and the first module I ran as a DM. Keep on the Borderlands is to old-school gamers as Casablanca is to movie fans or Of Mice and Men is to American Lit majors. But B2 has something that movies and books don’t: unlimited potential for expansion.

The Project on the Borderlands is an effort to do just that: extend the classic B2 module into an entire campaign. Such a game starts with B2 as written, but contains enough to take PCs beyond Moldvay Basic and into the Cook/Marsh Expert rules. With a little tweaking, B2 could form the basis for an entire campaign that carries characters from 1st through Name level. Maybe a little bit beyond.

Expansion means more wilderness encounters, more detail about the Keep itself, and new adventuring opportunities within the limited space that Gary Gygax described for our introductory gaming pleasure back in 1981. (And you should know that, to me, B2 was a book–a novel–not just a game module. Embrace that spirit, folks).

So maybe you could send us your ideas? We welcome your contribution. There are only three “rules” to Project on the Borderlands:

  1. Whatever you write has to have a basis in B2. Take whatever seed you want. It could be an encounter, an NPC, or even a single sentence–just make sure it has to do with B2.
  2. Stats for monsters, spells, and characters should be in “B/X” format (i.e., Moldvay Basic and Cook/Marsh Expert rulebooks). Feel free to invent new spells, monsters, and magic items using the B/X guidelines.
  3. There are no assignments–write about whatever excites you. If we end up with five versions of the Mad Hermit encounter, so be it.

If you want to contribute, check out our forum post on becoming an author. If you want to see the project’s content, just use the PotB tag, or search on “potb.”

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