Porphyra’s Spellbook

Magical spells from the Sorceress Porphyra

First Level Magical Spells

Range: 10′
Duration: 1 turn per level of the spell-caster
Effect: 5 cubic feet per level of the spell-caster
When cast over a chasm, river, or otherwise impassable fissure, this spell magically creates a stone bridge that spans the gap. The Bridge created may be of any dimension within the limit of the spell’s effect (e.g., a 2nd-level spell-caster could create a bridge of 10′ x 1′ x 1′ or a bridge of 5′ x 2′ x 1′). The stone Bridge supports 1,000 pounds per foot of thickness. The spell requires two anchoring points, though the bridge itself may be of any shape. Casting this spell is risky, since the Bridge is made of stone taken directly from the Elemental Plane of Earth; there is a 1% chance cubic foot that the spell summons an angry earth elemental. The spell-caster may dispel the Bridge at any time before the duration expires, though he must be within 10′ of the structure to do so.

Burning Hands
Range: 0
Duration: 1 round
Effect: The spell-caster’s hands
When cast, this spell magically shrouds the caster’s hands in flame, doing no damage to the caster himself, but causing any flammable object touched to ignite, or any living creature touched to suffer damage equal to 1d4 plus the spell-caster’s level. Any actions or spells that affect normal fire affect Burning Hands appropriately. This spell may also be used to heat non-flammable objects, which remain heated for one round per level of the spell-caster and may, at the DM’s discretion, ignite flammable objects it touches.

Expanded Lungs
Range: Touch
Duration: Special
Effect: 1 creature
This spell increases the amount of time the targeted creature can hold its breath (RC/90) by one round per level of the caster. Expanded Lungs does not negate the effects of toxic or unbreathable air (e.g., poisonous gas, dust storm, etc.), nor does it confer the ability to breathe where no air is present (e.g., underwater).

Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round per level of the spell-caster
Effect: 1 ferrous object of up to 5 cubic feet per level of the spell-caster
When cast, this spell causes one ferrous object to become magnetised, thereby attracting other ferrous metals within a range of 1′ per level of the caster. Attracted objects hurl themselves toward the Magnetised focus rapidly and with force sufficient to cause 1 point of damage per cubic foot to anything in its path (including, if applicable, the bearer of the Magnetised object). If cast on an object worn or carried by a person, all other ferrous items on the person are essentially stuck fast and unusable; a normal “to-hit” roll is required to cast this spell on a person in combat. Magnetise renders useless any compass or similar object within the spell’s range until the spell wears off. In addition, any person who wears or carries a Magnetised object senses, unerringly, the direction of true magnetic north.

Range: 0
Duration: 1 round per level of the spell-caster
Effect: The spell-caster only
This spell magically strengthens the caster’s hands, making them as strong and hard as stone. While the spell is in effect, the caster may use his hands normally, and their magical hardness grants all defensive bonuses conferred by normal stone (e.g., immunity to green slime attacks). In combat, a Stonefist hits normally, but inflicts 1d6 plus the spell-caster’s level in damage. For the purposes of hitting creatures affected only by magical weapons, a Stonefist punch is considered a +1 weapon, though this has no effect on the actual “to-hit” roll. Note that a Stone to Flesh spell negates Stonefist unless the caster successfully saves vs. Spells.

Second Level Magical Spells

Control Flame
Range: 10′
Duration: 1 round per level of the spell-caster
Effect: 10 cubic feet per level of the spell-caster
This spell enables the caster to control the shape and burn rate of any non-magical fire within the spell’s range. Shape manipulation can cause a fire to burn lower or higher, cover a broad area, or herd itself to a focal point. Changes in burn rate cause a fire to burn faster or slower, with a proportional change in the consumption rate of available fuel. This spell cannot be used to extinguish a fire, and DMs must use their best judgement when determining the volume of any fire affected (noting that volume generally increases as the fire spreads to new fuel or decreases as available fuel is consumed).

Detect Magical Residue
Range: 5′ per level of the spell-caster
Duration: 1 turn per level of the spell-caster
Effect: Everything within the spell’s range
When cast, this spell reveals any magical residue present within the spell’s range. Magical residue is that arcane energy present as a by-product of using any magical spell, magic item, or the presence of an enchanted creature, and remains detectable for one round per level of the magic cast or hit dice of the creature. For example, a Wand of Lightning Bolts lasts three rounds (since Lightning Bolt is a 3rd-level spell); the residue left from a 6HD bone golem lasts six rounds. This spell does not indicate the residue left from enchanted weapons or armour, though it does reveal residue remaining from the spell-like effects of such items (if used). Thus, a suit of Chain Mail +2 would leave no residue, but if it were enchanted to Fly, (a 3rd-level spell) and that power were used, the residue would last three rounds. If a permanent item lacking any specific spell effect is used, consider the residue from its use to last for eight rounds (Permanence is an 8th-level spell). A caster might use Detect Magical Residue to track beings enjoying permanent or long-term magical effects. For example, the residue left from an Invisible being lasts two rounds.

Noxious Cloud
Range: 5′
Duration: 12 turns
Effect: A volume 20′ x 20′ 10′
This spell creates a cloud of noxious vapour that appears within five feet of the spell-caster. Immediately after the cloud appears, the caster may direct it toward a target at a rate of 60′ (20′). While the Noxious Cloud creeps in the direction specified without wavering, it can be redirected by wind, and will dissipate amongst trees or thick vegetation; in no case can the caster steer the cloud once it is initially directed. Those caught within the cloud must save vs. Spells or become violently ill and unable to perform any physical action other than retching. The movement rate of victims is but 30′ (10′) per round, and they seek egress in a random direction. Those who make their saving throws are unaffected.

Third Level Magical Spells

Acid Web
Range: 20′
Duration: 24 turns
Effect: A volume of 10′ x 10′ x 10′
This spell is similar to the 2nd-level magical spell Web (q.v.), except as noted above and that the strands produced are enchanted with a corrosive coating that inflicts 1d6 points of damage per round to any entangled creature. While caught, all exposed equipment carried by the victim must make a save vs. Dragon Breath or be destroyed. The Acid Web is not easily ignited save by magical flame, which destroys the web in two rounds, and automatically damages any entangled creatures.

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