Pointy Missiles

New missile weapons with basic and weapon mastery stats.

Great Bow

A bow crafted specifically to take advantage of the wielder’s strength. Each great bow is rated for a particular Strength score, which is the minimum Strength score required to draw the bow. On any successful hit, the archer’s STR adjustment is applied to the damage roll. The bow’s base cost of 75gp increases by 15gp for each +1 of STR-based damage (i.e., STR 13-15 costs 90gp; STR 16-17 costs 105gp; STR 18 costs 120gp). To maximise the potential for the great bow’s draw weight, special arrows are required; these can be up to a yard in length and have an encumbrance value of 1cn each at a cost of 10gp/20 shots.

Basic Weapon Data
Item Damage Range Cost (gp) Enc (cn) Notes
Bow, great 1d8 80/160/240 75 (base) 50 a,m,2H,L
Weapon Mastery
Weapon Level Range Damage Defence Special
Bow, great BS 80/160/240 1d8
[P = M] SK 90/160/240 1d10+1 H: +1AC/1 Stun (s/m)
Two-handed weapon Missile fire weapon Large weapon EX 100/170/240 1d12+2 H: +2AC/1 Stun (s/m)
Cost: 75gp (base) MS 110/170/240 P = 2d10
S = 1d12+4
H: +2AC/2 Stun (s/m)
Enc: 50 cn GM 120/180/240 P = 2d12
S = 1d12+6
H: +2AC/2 Stun (s/m)

Spear, Short

Essentially a normal spear with a shorter haft (3′-5′), the short spear is favoured by diminutive combatants (i.e., Small-sized) for both hand-to-hand and ranged combat. Like a normal spear, the short spear may be set against a charge, but is effective only against charges made by Medium-sized or smaller beings (Large creatures take normal damage).

Basic Weapon Data
Item Damage Range Cost (gp) Enc (cn) Notes
Spear, short 1d4 10/20/30 2 20 t,v,M
Weapon Mastery
Weapon Level Range Damage Defence Special
Spear, short BS 10/20/30 1d4 Set
[P = A] May be set vs. charge SK 10/20/30 1d4+1 Set
One-handed weapon Shield may be used Melee weapon, may be thrown Medium weapon EX 20/40/60 2d4 Set + stun
Cost: 2gp MS 20/40/60 2d4+2 Set + stun
Enc: 20 cn GM 30/50/70 2d6+2 Set + stun
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