February 2003, 30 pages

Table of Contents (author in parenthesis):

  • Letters
  • Getting Started – Our continuing series on starting a new OD&D campaign. (Richard Tongue)
  • Compendium of Characters – Two exotic NPCs for your campaign. (Richard Tongue)
  • Governing Gods – A collection of deities with a difference. (Guy Robinson)
  • First Strike – Who goes first: the fighter or the Orc? (Erin D. Smale)
  • Street of A Thousand Adventures – A resting place for the sorcerous. (Geoff Gander)
  • Some Enchanted Item – The start of a new column on magical items. (Erin D. Smale)
  • An Interview with Gary Gygax, Part I – An interview with the unquestioned father of RPGs. (Ciro Alessandro Sacco)
  • Combat sans Matrix – Streamlining combat in OD&D. (Erin D. Smale)
  • The World of Herol, Part I – The first part of a new campaign world for OD&D. (Carl Quaif)

Download OD&DITIES Issue #9 (PDF, 901KB)

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Erin Smale

Erin Smale is the author of the Chimera RPG and WelshPiper.com, a sporadic, rambling blog that provides tips and tools for the time-challenged game master. He lives in secret along the New Jersey coast with his ass-kicking wife Kim and astoundingly cute dog Bella.

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