September 2001, 66 pages

Table of Contents (author in parenthesis):

  • Letters
  • Reviews – Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia. (Jesse Walker)
  • Reviews – Review and ideas about the Dragonquest boxed set. (Royce Richardson)
  • Imagine Magazine – A short tale of a sadly missed magazine. (Richard Tongue)
  • Getting Started – Part 5 of our regular column on beginning D&D games. (Richard Tongue)
  • The Isle (Part One) – First part of an epic story set in Mystara. (James John Gregoire)
  • Swords High! – A D&D Mini-campaign. (Richard Tongue)
  • Kuvartma (Judges Guild) – An immortal from the City State Campaign. (James Mishler)
  • Winged Apes (Judges Guild) – A new and unusual monster. (James Mishler)
  • The Prancing Ki-Rin Saloon (Judges Guild) – A seedy den of iniquity, detailed for your D&D Game. (James Mishler)
  • Flail Lake – A unique campaign setting, set in the Underdark. (James John Gregoire)
  • Thyme and Thyme Again – Another article on herbs in D&D. (Richard Tongue)
  • Ryaset of Angorit – A full and detailed Gazetteer. (James Mishler)

Download OD&DITIES Issue #5 (PDF, 547KB)
Download Issue #5 Maps (ZIP, 278KB)

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Erin Smale

Erin Smale is the author of the Chimera RPG and WelshPiper.com, a sporadic, rambling blog that provides tips and tools for the time-challenged game master. He lives in secret along the New Jersey coast with his ass-kicking wife Kim and astoundingly cute dog Bella.

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