July 2001, 27 pages

Table of Contents (author in parenthesis):

  • Letters
  • Reviews – Books of the AC series reviewed. (Richard Tongue)
  • Getting Started – Campaign design. (Richard Tongue)
  • Netzine Reviews – Reviews of online OD&D resources. (Richard Tongue)
  • Weapon Mastery and Game Balance – Alternate rules for balancing classes. (Daniel Eustace)
  • West London Warriors – A new gaming club starting soon. (Richard Tongue)
  • The Psionicist – A new class that uses psychic powers. (Richard Tongue)
  • The Necromancer – A new class and pages of new spells. (James Mishler)
  • The Barbarian – A new class of tribal warriors. (Richard Tongue)
  • The Ranger – Nature’s guardians; a new class. (James Mishler)
  • The Golden Eagle – A plot tied to the “Epic Heroes” articles. (Richard Tongue)
  • The Dragon’s Childhood – A dragon is born; short fiction. (Jason O’Brien)
  • The Goblin’s Ambush – Goblins can only mean one thing: trouble. (Richard Tongue)

Download OD&DITIES Issue #4 (PDF, 384KB)
Download Issue #4 Errata  (ZIP, 2KB)

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