August 2000; 9 pages

Table of Contents (author in parenthesis):

  • Reviews – Reviews of the Creature Catalogue and the Book of Wonderous Inventions. (Richard Tongue)
  • Special Items for New PCs – A selection of special items for new PCs. (Richard Tongue)
  • Getting Started – Using the “Expert” Rules. (Richard Tongue)
  • Compendium of Characters – Two new NPCs for your OD&D games. (Richard Tongue)
  • Is this a Dagger I See Before Me? – New magical daggers for OD&D. (Richard Tongue)
  • Herbs – An article on the use of Herbs in OD&D. (Geoff Gander)
  • Street of a Thousand Adventures – Visit Drake’s Cartography, home of a retired pirate. (Richard Tongue)
  • My Character Would have Known That – A new skills system for OD&D. (Richard Tongue)
  • Why Can’t My Character Join the Thieves’ Guild? – A discussion on Thieves’ Guilds in OD&D. (Richard Tongue)
  • Pit of Shadows – A short adventure for OD&D PCs of levels 1-2. (Richard Tongue)

Download OD&DITIES Issue #2 (PDF, 208KB)

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Erin Smale

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