~ early 2000; 9 pages

Table of Contents (author in parenthesis):

  • Reviews – Information on the content and usefulness of OD&D products. (Richard Tongue)
  • Getting Started – How to begin an OD&D campaign, obtaining materials and players. (Richard Tongue)
  • OD&D On-line – Information about various websites that deal with OD&D. (Richard Tongue)
  • Compendium of Characters – Four characters that can be slotted into a OD&D campaign or adventure. (Richard Tongue)
  • Bows and Arrows – New rules for Bows and Arrows, designed for OD&D. (Richard Tongue)
  • Getting Together – How to get a group of PCs to work together from the start of a campaign. (Richard Tongue)
  • Street of a Thousand Adventures – Visit Thaldor’s Pawnshop, first in a line of town/city locations for your campaign. (Richard Tongue)
  • The Message – An OD&D solo adventure for Fighters, Dwarves and Clerics of 1st Level. (Richard Tongue)

Download OD&DITIES Issue #1 (PDF, 200KB)

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