Mapping with Sandboxigons

By Greg MacKenzie

A while ago Doug Anderson’s work on Sandboxigons inspired me to create some templates elaborating on his fine example. The template set has both the basic Dungeon Template, which can be used for indoor and outdoor mapping, and a couple of map key pages for making easy references to the Cartesian coordinates on the map. The pages I created have room for punching holes in the borders so they can be used in a binder. The numbers at each edge are coordinates to adjoining maps.

For my own amusement I created a couple of maps:

Village of Slugwaite Dearthly Forest

Sample DungeonBy popular demand here are the templates in PDF Form:

Sandboxigons Template

Dungeon Template

Left Page Key

Right Page Key


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4 thoughts on “Mapping with Sandboxigons

  1. Which of these links is the Anderson Sandboxigons Template like the one completed at the top of the article? I think I missed it.

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