Energy Drain

A fast and balanced alternative to standard Energy Drain attacks.

In the official rules, Energy Drain (RC/154) attacks reduce the victim’s experience level; while terrible in effect, this can bog down play as the target re-calculates hit points, THAC0, spellcasting capability, etc.

To streamline play, consider reducing CON instead. For every experience level normally lost by a successful energy drain attack, reduce the victim’s CON score by 1. For example, a wight’s touch reduces CON by 1; a vampire’s energy drain reduces CON by 2.

Per the rules (X27), CON loss is permanent and there is no save, but lost CON can be restored by any means that restores levels.

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Erin Smale

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One thought on “Energy Drain

  • June 6, 2014 at 12:45

    This is pretty much what I do, for simplicity but also because it seems to me fairer to the players, does not bog down level advancement, and just feels more right. It is also consistent with the ability drain of certain undead, such as shadows. I also reduce other abilities, such as strength, depending on the undead.


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