Elu’s Lectionary

Clerical spells from Elu, the Light Bringer

First Level Clerical Spells

Assess Earth
Range: 0
Duration: 1 round per level of the spell-caster
Effect: 20′ + 10′ per level of the spell-caster cube
This spell reveals to the caster any special qualities possessed by the affected volume of earth, rock, or stone. This spell may be used to determine the fertility of a field for crops, the presence of precious metals in a cavern wall, or the location of a mineral vein in solid rock. This spell does not confer to the caster the ability to detect treasure or locate specific earthen objects; it merely reveals the presence of specific qualities (enriched soil, mineral veins, etc.). For the spell to work, the cleric must cast it with a certain earthen characteristic in mind. For example, if a cleric is using the spell to determine the soil quality of a meadow, under which lies a silver vein, the silver vein will remain undetected, though the fertility of the soil will certainly be made clear.

Clear Air
Range: 10′ per level of the spell-caster
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: 20′ + 10′ per level of the spell-caster cube
When cast, this spell eradicates any particulate or noxious elements within the affected volume of air. Such elements could be poison gas, spores from a yellow mold, or simple water vapour in the form of mist. This spell is normally cast to remove such elements and make the air breathable, neutralise airborne toxins, or increase visibility. The spell will not create air where no air exists, nor will it negate the 2nd-level druidic spell Obscure or the various magical Cloud spells.

Detect Element
Range: 0
Duration: 1 turn
Effect: One element within 300′
This spell enables the spell-caster to sense the presence of one of the four basic elements (air, earth, fire, or water) within the range of the spell. Before casting the spell, the caster must decide which element is to be detected. If the chosen element is within the spell’s range, the element’s direction, location, and general quantity is known to the caster. If multiple elements of the same type are within the spell’s range, all are revealed, though only the element chosen is affected. This spell may also be used to detect the presence of elemental creatures of the appropriate elemental type; the spell does not function, however, on any of the Elemental Planes.

Determine Depth
Range: 0
Duration: 1 round per level of the spell-caster
Effect: Reveals depth relative to a fixed point
When cast, this spell reveals to the caster his precise depth below a certain point chosen at the time of casting, or the depth of a point below the caster’s current elevation. For example, the caster could use this spell whilst underground to determine his depth below the surface, or, standing at the lip of a chasm, he could cast the spell to discover how far it is to the bottom.

Know Intent
Range: 0
Duration: 2 turns
Effect: Any creature within 50′
This spell enables the caster to divine the basic intent of any creature within range (e.g., friendly, indifferent, hostile, etc.). It does not reveal the alignment of such creatures, nor can it be used to detect deceptions or lies. At 9th-level and above, the cleric may determine if mind-influencing magic affects the target creature(s) (i.e., Charm or Confusion). Spells such as Mind Barrier, or items such as an Amulet of Protection from Crystal Balls and ESP, shield creatures from this spell. In all cases, however, a normal saving throw vs. Spells is allowed; if successful, the caster gains no information.

Resist Heat
Range: 0
Duration: 6 turns
Effect: All creatures within 30′ radius of the spell-caster
This spell grants all creatures within the spell’s range an increased resistance against intense heat, and is most useful in environments where heat prostration, dehydration, and exhaustion from heat are typical dangers (such as in a desert). Those within the spell’s effect feel comfortable in temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit for as long as the spell’s duration lasts. This spell does not protect one as the 2nd-level clerical spell Resist Fire; it merely makes surrounding heat more bearable. It does, however, modify saving throws against such conditions by +1.

Second Level Clerical Spells

Air Walk
Range: 0
Duration: 1 turn per level of the spell-caster
Effect: Allows travel on air currents
When cast, this spell allows the caster to transport himself over any air currents present at the time of casting. The air currents may be as weak as a gentle breeze or as strong as a gale, and the caster (and his equipment, regardless of total weight) moves as fast as the wind speed. If desired, the caster may transport others, up to 100 pounds per level, though the caster much touch other travellers, or be in touch with them through an unbroken human “chain.”

Range: 0
Duration: 1 round per level of the spell-caster
Effect: Allows scrying through an elemental medium
When cast upon any contained focus of air, earth, fire, or water, this spell transforms the element into a scrying device similar to a Crystal Ball. As such, the scrying device does not allow spells to be cast through it, and it can reveal only those places or objects existing at the time of the casting. The elemental focus must be housed in a specially Blessed vessel, typically an open-faced bowl of quality workmanship and materials. When cast by a cleric of 9th-level or greater, Scry grants the power of clairaudience. Note, however, that persons and objects protected from scrying attempts are likewise immune to the effects of Scry.

Third Level Clerical Spells

Cure Disease*
Range: 30′
Duration: Permanent
Effect: One living creatureThe following is an alternate version of the current spell of the same name: When cast, this spell is effective against disease of any form; it will nullify completely the effects of a mummy’s touch, a green slime attack, a lycanthrope’s bite, or the effects of a Cause Disease spell (see below). If used against a disease that saps away at a creature’s ability scores, casting this spell restores one ability score point per level of the caster, up to the diseased creature’s normal maximum. For example, a PC contracts tetanus and has his DEX score reduced from 13 (normal maximum) to seven; a Cure Disease cast by a 4th-level cleric restores the character’s DEX to 11. The disease is considered cured when the ability score is restored to its normal maximum; only one casting per diseased creature is permitted each week. This spell cannot be used to restore ability points lost through any means other than disease. The reverse of this spell causes a disease as described on RC/36.

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