BX-Space – Rumours of the Known Galaxy

Truths, half-truths and utter fabrications may be heard in the star ports of the Known Galaxy. The Space Master may decide whether a rumour is true or false.

In the news Radio Cosmos – A Terran Diplomat and 7 diplomatic staff on their way to DUL on a diplomatic mission to the Caliban were captured by the notorious Asteroid Pirates. Terran Empire officials have described this attack as an outrage. There has been no comment from the Caliban. Representatives of the Independents have claimed no involvement. Investigators from the Space Patrol have been called in and the Terran Fleet has been put on a state of readiness.

Rumour – The Space Pirates have demanded a ransom of 3000 electrum but agents of the Terran Empire are willing to pay this to anyone who rescues the Ambassador from the clutches of the pirates. The reward will be paid when the Ambassador is delivered to Terran Empire agents at Baboo. They have also placed a 1500 electrum bounty on the head of the leader of the Space Pirates.

True: The Terran Empire will pay the reward and the bounty on the leader of the Space Pirates is Dead or Alive.

False: The rumour is true but the exact amount of the reward or bounty are lower.

Rumour – A 1000 Electrum Coin Bounty is offered Dead or Alive by the Space Patrol for Noh Bode wanted in 7 systems, for crimes committed (unspecified) within the Terran Empire. The bounty will be paid when the prisoner is delivered to the NAR Penal Facility.

True: The NAR Penal Facility will pay the bounty, dead or alive, but only after checking the body to make sure it is actually Noh Bode.

False: Was the name “nobody”? I’m surprised you fell for that one greenhorn.

Rumour – No one ever escapes from the NAR Penal Facility.

True: No one ever escapes because all prisoners are kept in stasis as popsicles. Some have escaped in transit on the way to the Penal Facility but not from it.

False: There was a jail break several years back and several very dangerous prisoners escaped.

Rumour – The Caliban destroy any ships that enter Caliban Space.

True: The Caliban are ruthless killers that dislike intruders. Enter Caliban space at your own risk.

False: Ships are permitted to travel to DUL for the purpose of trade. By treaty any Terran ships which enter Caliban Space elsewhere must allow themselves to be boarded and inspected. The Captains are then informed that they are in violation of the peace treaty and their ships are to be turned back to disputed space under escort. Any failure to comply permits the Caliban to enforce their jurisdiction by force, including using lethal force where necessary. The reverse also applies to Caliban ships found in Terran Empire space.

The ships of Independents are treated similarly by the Caliban even though they are not officially recognized by the terms of the Treaty that ended the war between the Terran Empire and the Caliban. The Caliban regard the treaty as more of a “guideline” in their treatment of the Independents.

Rumour – 2000 Gold Coins are offered to smuggle passengers into (or out of) the Terran Empire.

True: The destination will be named at the time of meeting in some seedy location. Passengers are a Wizard, his companion, and a pair of robots. It would be really extraordinary if one of them had a valuable unit of data within it.

False: Its a setup, a sting to catch criminals in the Terran Empire.

Rumour – Asteroid Treasure

True: Space Pirates have hidden treasure on an asteroid/planet/moon, there is even a map data unit.

False: There is no treasure, its a trap to lure ships to where the pirates plan to attack.

Rumour – A derelict ship contains a treasure

True: The ship is crashed on a moon/planet, or it drifts through space. There is a treasure stashed in a stasis pod on board a sleep ship.

False: The ship is crashed on a moon/planet, or it drifts through space. There is a living person in the stasis pod.

Rumour – Ruins Treasure

True: A dungeon may be found on an asteroid/planet/moon. A Unit of Data is being sold which gives the RN.

False: Its a fake, it turns out there is nothing at the location.

Rumour – A plague ship attempted to land at Baboo and was destroyed by the Space Patrol.

True: The plague ship arrived but no one was alive, the ship is being towed to Hazard 2249 for disposal.

False: This is a cover story put out by the Space Patrol, really the ship was half the wreck of an Ancient vessel and is now being towed to a secret location in the Terran Empire. Question is, where is the other half of the ship? The Space Patrol is searching.

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Greg MacKenzie is the author of the novella Seven Crows a Secret, the Fenris 2d6 role playing game, adventure modules Gloomland, and Wildwood, as well as countless other adventures.

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