BX-Space – Lair of the Space Pirates Map Preview

Mapping is one of the things that I like to do, its a reward in itself. This little preview is part of the map for the Lair of the Space Pirates and it is inspired by an introductory adventure in known rules. The scale of the map will be 10′ per square rather than the 5′ scale as used in the adventure from the known rules. I’ve drawn an new map inspired by the old, note there are some additional map keys. The following is part of the map.

Gatehouse East Tower
Gatehouse East Tower


The maps are drawn in Inkscape and I use my own symbol system. Since BX-Space is a medieval-futurism there are a few extra symbols in use for this genre.

Map Key Annotated
Map Key Annotated

In our Medieval-Future magic and gadgetry live side by side, hence the “Camera”, indicating the areas under observation. Similarly artificial illumination is used in some areas. All will be duly explained in the initial part of the adventure of course. Maps will be provided for three dungeon levels but Space Masters will have to supply their own text for the three dungeon map keys, just like in the old days! This can be done using systems from known rules of the reader’s choice augmented by the BX-Space Rules. The BX-Space introductory dungeon adventure will duly appear here at Breeyark after the rules wrap-up.

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Greg MacKenzie is the author of the novella Seven Crows a Secret, the Fenris 2d6 role playing game, adventure modules Gloomland, and Wildwood, as well as countless other adventures.

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