BX Space – A Map of the Known Galaxy

The following bonus article is a map of the Known Galaxy will be used in an upcoming BX Space adventure. A simple grid of squares is used, note the Route Numbers (RNs) between destinations.

Backwater of the Known Galaxy
Backwater of the Known Galaxy


Known Galaxy Star Map Key




Zulan, a planet of provincial prominence in this backwater of the galaxy.


Baboo, a proverbial desert backwater on the border of Terran Empire space.

Asteroid Mine, This mining facility extracts Trillium from the asteroids. A tough Independent mining community on the frontier.

Derelict 11, the sleep ship Dreamer bound for some colony world, holed and its passengers long deceased remain in their capsules.

Derelict 12, The merchant ship Colossus, a plague ship, long abandoned, all the crew are deceased and no one dares recover its cargo.


Space Mine Field from the war, planted by the Caliban to deny access through the asteroid field, nasty. They were supposed to be deactivated by the terms of the treaty which ended the war but this seems to have been overlooked, or has it?

Caliban Beacon 55K monitors the square for activity.


Terran Space Station Wolf Iron. It is battered and exchanged hands several times during the war but it still usable. It has been abandoned under the terms of the treaty which ended the war. Under those terms neither Terrans nor Caliban are permitted to set foot there unless a crew is forced to abandon their own ship.


Zodemus, a cloaked system hidden by the Ancients. Its gravity betrays its presence.


NAR Penal Facility. Conveniently located outside of Terran jurisdiction and run by Independents this penal facility serves as an oubliette for prisoners paid to be held here. Rumour has it the prisoners are kept as popsicles, in stasis. No one has ever escaped the prison but some have been sold to the Caliban to work in their Asteroid Mine.

Other Information

Beacon 55J

An old navigation beacon, pre-war, sends a warning about Hazard 2249, a black hole, stating avoid the area.

Beacon 55L

A Caliban navigation warning stating avoid the area in harsh croaking words.

Caliban 337

A Caliban colony.

Derelict 13

The Caliban warship 6871 a wreck damaged during the war.

Disputed Space

A territory of space serving as a border between the Terrans and the Caliban. Permanent settlement and occupation by the Terran Empire or the Caliban is forbidden by treaty. Independents have settled this area and are subject to neither Terran or Caliban law. Independents are not recognized by the peace treaty either.


A watery Caliban colony.

Caliban Asteroid Mine

Hazard 2249

A black hole


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Greg MacKenzie is the author of the novella Seven Crows a Secret, the Fenris 2d6 role playing game, adventure modules Gloomland, and Wildwood, as well as countless other adventures.

2 thoughts on “BX Space – A Map of the Known Galaxy

  • November 14, 2017 at 13:08

    Anticipation builds every time you release another taster of the space content. I’m curious what your timeline is until the finished or finished enough product is ready?
    I love the details so far, thank you!

    • November 14, 2017 at 18:25

      Hi Glenn,

      I’m glad your enjoying the idea. 🙂

      I’ve been trying to put out an article once a week. I have a couple more articles to go about the rules, and then the rules will simply be made available as a plainly formatted text in a PDF, nothing too fancy. so not long now 😉 Within 2-3 weeks.

      I’m also planning a re-telling of the BX booklet adventure in the space genre which isn’t finished yet. I started looking seriously at that old adventure and I found a couple of holes in the story due to the map scale, text, and side illustration, which make no sense, namely I believe that the old map is really a gatehouse and not the towers of a keep. Anyway, more on that later…



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