5 thoughts on “Aar-Kelaan Hexmapper Icon Sets

  1. At some point in the distant past you made a great variant of Doug Anderson’s Sandboxigon template. It looks like a great tool to brainstorm pointcrawls. I noticed it looking looking at photo in Eric Nieudan’s procedural worldbuilding collection. The internet seems to have lost your post of the tool. Any chance you could re-publish it? Thanks!

    1. Unfortunately I can’t access any of my files at the moment, my pc is out of commission until I receive a power adapter for my monitor, so we’re both at the mercy of the postal service.

      1. Appreciate the quick reply, but sorry to hear about the problem. Not having a display would be worse than not having a car at this point. Glad a fix is on the way. I’ll keep checking back from time to time. Again, thanks!

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