KotB Map

The Keep on the Borderlands Wilderness Map – In Hexographer!

Abandoning all other projects I delve deeply into gaming history and we find ourselves upon the Borderlands of “the Realm”. This map was created with Hexographer, and yes fellow delvers of the deeps you will find the Hexographer Map included hereafter.

The map was carefully adapted from the scale set by Gary Gygax.  However, I have interpreted it in the Welsh Piper Mapping System at the 0.04 scale, so each hex is 70.4 yards wide. I (and possibly others) will be making larger scale maps later on of this area and The Realm. The next scale up is 0.2, a 352 yard hex, which will contain 5 hexes of this map, vertically.

I didn’t find a reference to the actual height of the rock on which the Keep sits, so I made it 50 ft. The same can be said of the Mound at map key 1, I made that 25 ft. Gary does make reference to the total height of the contour lines in the ravine (100 ft) so I set each one at an interval of 25 ft. The beauty of the Hexographer map is that even though you may well disagree with the cartography, you can change any part of it to suit yourself.

The font used is Bebas, which is reminiscent of the sans-serif font used on the original.

The map has a WoC attribution which should stay with the map, its at the bottom in 12 point Times New Roman.

With regard to The Keep on the Borderlands. The author acknowledges all copyrights, trademarks and registered trademarks detailed in this work that does not belong to the author and in no way make any challenges to the ownership of said property rights. Dungeons & Dragons is a registered trademark owned by Wizards of the Coast.

KotB Map
The Keep on The Borderlands DMs Map
KotB Players Map
The Keep on the Borderlands Wilderness Player’s Map

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